What is the Teeth In A Day treatment?

Teeth in a day is exactly that – a full set of upper or lower or upper and lower teeth fitted on the same day. The procedure is also referred to as same day teeth or All-on-4. The system is based on 4 or 6 dental implants holding a full arch or artificial teeth. Traditional dental implants are based on one implant per missing tooth so this treatment is much less invasive and can be completed in a matter of hours. The procedure has revolutionised the field of restorative dentistry and offers many instant benefits. The procedure is a very popular long term option to replace missing teeth and as an alternative option to dentures which are less than ideal. The implants used to secure a full dental arch are placed at precise angles in order to provide stability and strength, and this process means that only 4 or 6 implants need to be used.

Is treatment suitable for everyone?

We can advise if the teeth in a day procedure is right for you at your initial consultation appointment. We’ll go over your personal objectives, needs and suitability for the procedure. You will also be able to look at our range of before and afters showing patient smile makeovers. Our team are on hand to answer any questions you wish to ask. We will carry out an examination to determine suitability for treatment and to see if you need to have any teeth removed prior to implants being placed. Patients who are able to have teeth extractions are generally healthy enough for All on 4, adults can have the treatment at any age. During your consultation we will assess your oral health, mouth, jawbone and teeth in order to ensure you achieve the best possible results. All on 4 is a lower cost treatment than traditional dental implants. Some patients may be more suitable for All on 6 than All on 4 treatment, we can advise on the most suitable option for you.

How is the procedure carried out?

The procedure is based on placing the implants at specific angles. The rear implants will be positioned at 45 degrees and the front two implants are placed at 90 degrees. These angles provide stability strength and support. Titanium rods are used as implants as this metal is well tolerated by the body. The implants in turn fuse with the jaw to provide complete anchorage for the restoration. Small attachments (abutments) are fitted which connect the implant to the replacement teeth. Our expert will then examine the fit, comfort and bite of your new teeth. As just four implants are required the treatment is quick and minimally invasive. The technique also allows the existing jaw bone structure to be maximised. Patients often ask if treatment will be painful – the procedure is designed to minimise pain and discomfort and sedatives or local anaesthetic are used by dental team which makes the actual procedure painless. It is possible to experience mild soreness and localised swelling after treatment but this reduces fast and can be assisted by over the counter pain relief medication. Most patients have a couple of days off work, but some return to work the next day – this is how fast and minimally invasive the treatment is.

Why do people choose to have teeth in a day?

The treatment is a leading choice due to the range of instant benefits it provides. Your smile is restored on the very same day and you can enjoy a picture perfect new smile with full functionality and freedom to enjoy all of your favourite foods. As just four implants are needed to support an entire arch, the treatment is fast and less invasive than dental implants. Your new set of teeth will be fitted at the same appointment as your implants so you’ll be able to enjoy your new smile right away. No bone grafting is needed as support and strength provided by the angles and positioning provides the stability required. Patients benefit aesthetically and enjoy the full functionality of strong and healthy teeth. You will enjoy a new smile and increased confidence and self esteem. You will also be able to enjoy all of your favourite meals and have a stronger bite. Having missing teeth can affect the quality of your life and this procedure provides an outstanding solution to this problem. Traditional dental implants require long healing periods before the full benefits can be experienced, by comparison teeth in a day shortcuts this completely.

Is it similar to dentures?

Dentures are removable and placed on soft gum tissue for support – this negatively results in gum problems and bone reduction. The device therefore becomes unstable, sore and often wobbles when worn. Dentures are also unattractive and can reduce confidence. This is also true at meal times or in social gatherings. Wearing dentures also means diet restrictions, and patients have to stick to soft foods. All of these reasons are not ideal or necessary and have a negative influence on your lifestyle and confidence. This treatment can provide you with a new permanent set of teeth on the same day with the appearance and function of natural teeth. Your replacement teeth are easy to care for and will be stable, comfortable, functional as well as looking fantastic. Long term, your replacement teeth can prevent bone deterioration which is frequently occurs when wearing dentures.

How will my new smile look?

We have a proven track record and can help you achieve your ideal smile. Our dental lab produces state of the art replacement teeth so that the shade, shape and sizing match your natural teeth. Your restoration is produced from acrylic and fabricated into a hybrid bridge. Patients can have upper and lower arch restorations or upper or lower only as needed. You can rest assured that your new smile will look great, natural and fully functional – all on the same day.

How can I find out more?

You can contact our clinic to schedule your free consultation and we look forward to welcoming you to our London dental facilities. Some patients plan a smile makeover ahead of a special occasion and we do all we can to accommodate patients who have plans they are working towards. You can avoid any delays by contacting us today.

What does treatment cost?

A treatment plan and price are provided during your consultation. Treatment is based on patient needs so pricing would depend on your treatment plan. All on 4 same day teeth is a private treatment and is therefore not available on the NHS. We have monthly payment plans with interest free options and some dental insurance cover can be used towards the cost of treatment.

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